NornGuest Ventures

NGVs Sustainable Business Concepts

NornGuest Ventures is developing sustainable business concepts, targeting to make positive social and environmental impact, measured by UN's 17 Global Goals. 

In all our cases we are working with three bottomlines:

  • Financial
  • Social 
  • Environmental 

River Niger Plastic Incineration Project

The River Niger is infusing 100 tons of plastic waste in to the atlantic ocean DAILY. The RINPIP project is proposing to collect the waste from the bank of the river via bubble tubing, manually sorting the waste for recyclables for selling, and pyrolysing the remains into valuable diesel fuel. 

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Starch Bag Revolution

Africa is a front mover on political bans and levys against single use plastic bags. Yet there is no-one producing compostable alternatives. It is our theory that compostable bio degradable bags based on starch can be made cheaply in Nigeria, as raw material and labour is cheaper here than in the countries currently leading the global export market. 

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